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Friday, December 23, 2005

Why God's so confusing.

Ever wonder why God's so confusing? Me too! And I'm a pastor.

Here's my thought: we will forever be finite beings looking up trying to comprehend the persona of an infinite being. In some ways, it's like a squirrel trying to figure out humans. While we may be able to document and study every aspect of squirrel life, they would be hard pressed to do the same of humans! A squirrel can't comprehend a human because they're just on a different level. In a much deeper, more profound way, God is on a different level than we are. And when we hope for Him to be within our understanding, we make a mistake. Because if we can totally understand and figure God, then we would attempt to manipulat and control Him

It's good that God is confusing. It leaves Him beyond us and put us in a place where we quit trying to understand Him, and we just learn to trust Him. For while God may be confusing as eternity, He is on our side. The Bible says that God is FOR us. I may not understand God, but I can understand that when God says He's for me, that puts Him in my boat. I may not comprehend the Being who sits at the wheel of my life, but I don't need to. It's enough that He's in the boat with me.

Check back for more updates as we journey together.