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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Power from On High

Do you ever find yourself feeling just a little blah? I'm not sure what it is exactly, but since returning from my three week vacation, I find myself feeling less than my best; a bit lethargic and somewhat groggy. I told a friend that it feels like my hours of sleep aren't accomplishing as much as they should be.

Perhaps it's vacation hang-over. (From fun and searing sun, of course.) Perhaps it's too many hours behind the wheel or not enough hours with my head on a pillow. No matter what the cause, I just plain don't feel 100% these days.

When I feel this way, I notice that it affects my prayer life. I begin to pray more often for power. I pray for God to "energize me". I ask God to "fuel me for His work." I plead for Him to "strengthen me and enable me" to do my best for His glory. In these prayers, if I am honest, I am asking God to put the pep back in my step and make me feel my best!

So, the other day, it was humbling to come across this idea. An author in the prayer book I use put it this way. He said that when we begin to pray for God's power to come through in our life, we ought to remember that His power at its highest moment was foolishness to the world. God's power was and is most fully seen at the cross of Christ, and many to this day miss that power completely.

What this said to me is that the power God seeks to give us (me!) may not be what we expect. Rather than making us feel good or be some type of supernatural energy drink, He may seek to empower us to serve, to love, and to give ourselves away. The expression of God's power in our life may actually seem like foolishness to others, and could even be mistaken as something un-powerful altogether.

So, I am trying to stay open to this idea- that God's answer of power in my life might be divine enabling to give myself away for the good of others. When you pray for power, it may be the same. His answer to your prayers for power could seem at first as foolishness, but could ultimately result in great life and joy for others. This was the case with the cross of Christ.

May you discover His life-giving power on your journey-