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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Simpson Quote

Hi Everyone!

In a recent message, I closed with a quote from A.B. Simpson called "Himself." For the full text of that quote, including the entire sermon he preached before giving it, just go to the following link:

The poem/hymn is at the end, but the whole message is worth reading if you have the time.

Journey on!

1 comment: said...

Pastor Nick,
Haven't heard that song for years. Had to restrain myself from singing along while you were reading it. Thanks for including some OLD stuff now and then for the gray set. Don't get me wrong I love the NEW stuff, too. We missed being with EHA family on Sunday. Had to attend in Beaverton with our Granddaughters and do the Chuckee Cheese party scene for Esther's #3. What a sacrafice.
Praying for you and the staff.
Sharon ><> - el