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Friday, October 06, 2006

From Doing to Being

There is a to-do list that sits on my desk. Most everyday, I walk into my office, take a look at that list, and being doing what it says. I make phone-calls, write letters and prepare messages. I work for the joy of crossing items off the list. At the end of the day, I usually look back and count up how much I've marked off as the barometer of my success. And yet I've been noticing that day after day, I accopmlish these tasks and yet sense that I am missing the mark.

I did something different today. Today I came in and didn't open the book. I didn't turn on my computer and I didn't check my messages. Instead I did a few things that I had sensed God was calling me to do. I spoke with some people and spent some time in prayer. Looking back on my to-do list, I can see I haven't "accomplished" a single thing. And yet the sense of accomplishment in my spirit is great.

This has me wondering; how often do we spend all of our time doing the things that we think we must, while we fail to do those things that matter most? We run our errands, fulfill our role, and make it through the day. At the end we're left to wonder, "Have I done anything of significance?" I can tell you that today didn't look any different, but it felt entirely different. I was driven not to do and to accomplish, but to be who God has called me to be. To operate from the heart and not from the head. I feel good about today.

I know I need to-do lists so that I remember certain things, but maybe I need them less often. Maybe more frequently, I (and you?) could operate away from the list and off the books, but centered on the God who has made me and calls me. Maybe the greatest to-do list I have is in my heart and not on my desk.

I pray that you will journey on with purpose.

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