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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Election Day

I thought I'd share with all of you these words, which I delievered to the people of East Hills this Sunday. May they give some perspective on the events currently capturing the attention of our great nation.

Later this week, our country will be electing a new president and other various political offices. And I am aware that on Tuesday night, millions of people will tune to see the results. When those results are announced, many Christ-followers will believe they have either won or lost an election, and will have either great joy or great sadness.

Frankly, I think this is wrong. Jesus arrived at a time in history as politically charged as any this world has seen. And yet, for all the various factions that would have welcomed his support and influence, Jesus never chose sides. He never associated himself with one group or another.

Now, don't get me wrong- I am not saying that we should be anti-political. We live in a great country and as citizens of this great country, voting is a right and a privilege of which we all should take advantage. But what I am encouraging you, as citizens of heaven, is to not leverage any of your hope or anchor any of your faith in the outcome of an election.

Jesus never chose sides because he realized that he was a part of something bigger. He had come to usher God's kingdom into this world, and that kingdom of grace, love and forgiveness was for all people. For those on the right and on the left. For those in blue state and red states. For republicans, democrats, conservatives and liberals, Jesus spread out his arms on the cross and pointed the way to the Father.

As a church, our mission is the same. And God's agenda, God's kingdom, is not hindered by any political agenda. So this election, don't leverage any of your hope or anchor any of your faith in the outcome of an election. Put your hope and your faith squarely on Jesus Christ, the only one who has the power to truly change a human heart.

May you know his peace on your journey this week,



Anonymous said...

One of my favorite mini-messages you've given. It's very bold. I know too many people who are all-consumed by this election (on both sides), and it's minorly disturbing to me. With a Heavenly perspective in mind, who the "winner" is makes little difference -- I'm secure in who I am in Christ. I will continue to live, love and act the same way, regarless of who becomes President, Governor, Auditor, etc.

Pastor Nick said...

Thanks Britt.
It's been amazing to me how having this perspective has helped me listen with different ears. Not only to the candidates, but to well-intentioned friends. Many of these friends are committed Christ-followers, but the words they use about politics (and Democrats) surprise me. I think if a liberal who didn't believe in God heard them, they would feel confirmed in their unbelief rather than drawn to God. That's what I find sad. Our thoughts and attitudes should help point people to God no matter what topic we're discussing.

Thanks for being a regular contributor!

Anonymous said...

I actually asked a friend to remove me from their e-mail list due to some horrific hate speech he was sending me regarding Obama. I totally get if someone has a strong opinion for or against a candidate, but I gotta tell ya, even if I AGREE with someone, I will be turned off to what they are saying once they start talking like that.

By the way, I've sent out the script of your message via e-mail and on my twins group online -- everyone has had a very positive attitude about it. Even some of my friends who are very distraught over the outcome were able to gain some perspective and encouragement by your words.


Pastor Nick said...

Well thanks Britt- that's nice to hear! If anyone is looking for what I thinking is needed correction for how Christ-followers view politics, tell them to check out "The Myth of a Christian Nation" by Greg Boyd. This book has had a huge influence in my life over the past six months. It's helped me to see that the Christian crowd sometimes votes for candidates and expects them to change the world, when truly it's what Jesus calle US to do.