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Monday, April 27, 2009

Don't Forget to Dream...

The other day, I was getting ready to come to work, making my morning latte. My 4-year old was awake, and as usual was very chipper and chatty. She bounced into the kitchen and spouted, "Dad, when I grow up, I'm going to be a baker or an art student. Which do you think I should be?" I couldn't help but chuckle inside because I knew she was dead serious. So I asked her back, "So, you'd either like to make cookies for a living or learn to draw really pretty pictures, right? Maybe you could do both." My daughter's response was typical Alyssa- "yeah, but I'm kinda scared because I've never taken an art class before." After that, she bounced away, end of conversation.

My 4-year old daughter dreams a lot. She has new ideas of what she will be and do on a regular, almost daily, basis. I will bet that as a kid, most all of us were the same. Shoot, even a few years ago I had more dreams. But somehow, in the grind of doing life, I dream less and I just go through my days. Now, don't get me wrong- I love my job and I love what I do. But I go back and read my journal or ideas I had from 5 years ago. I find bigger ideas and more God-sized plans than I'm working on now. Somehow I dream less and just live more.

While some might argue that this is a positive step of maturing and "getting your head out of the clouds", I can't help but feel today like I am poorer for this loss. And that the people I interact with get less of the real me.

I want to dream more. Dream about what God could do, and what I could do. Maybe you do, too. How do we do this? Some ideas from me...

We hang around other people who like to dream and ask crazy questions. We need people in our lives that say the words "what if..." more often.

We hang around God more, and ask Him to define who we are and what we do, rather than letting the routine of our life, or the world around us, define who we are.

And if we are real brave, we take steps towards actually living out the dreams. We take an art class. We bake cookies for a living. We invest time in non-sensical ventures just to see what happens. And if God should show up...just watch out.

What do you think? Are you still dreaming big dreams? How do you keep that alive?

My your journey be more thrilling adventure than predictable plod today,


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Anonymous said...

I have ALWAYS said that I need about 20 more selves to do all that I want to do. Wasn't there a movie where the guy made clones of himself so he could get more done?? Anyway, if I had many lives to live I would do SO much! But what do I really do? Not much of anything -- live life. I do nothing out of the ordinary. There is nothing that is "big" about my life. Part of it is fear, part of it is pride (which I would theorize is probably where a lot of fear actually comes from), part of it is time, part of it is laziness, part of it is feeling incapable, part of it is not knowing where to start and part of it is doubting whether my dreams are really worth the time and effort.
I have always said that "someday" I'd write a book. Well, I've started it now, so that's something, but then I think, "Is it really worth all that time and effort? I mean, it's not like I'm ever going to make money off of it. Couldn't I be puting that time in to something else?" So then I feel guilty for wasting time on it, but then I feel guilty for not doing something I always said I'd do. *sigh* Dreaming big is much easier when you are little and you haven't a care in the world :D

Pastor Nick said...

Maybe "having a care" in the world as adults is part of our problem. We learn to care about too many things- much of which really isn't all that important in the long run- and we stop caring about the things God would really put on our heart. We let culture tell us what should matter, rather than letting God continue to define that. I'm trying to be more selective lately in what I "listen" to.

Anonymous said...

Well, but then that's not really dreaming big...that's just doing what God calls you to do. I've never had a big God dream...just personal goals/dreams. I think that may be that I don't really tune in to big God-sized dreams. Well, or that He just hasn't given me any yet, because it's not the right time.
As for you, who has been ordained to lead, well, I would HOPE He would give you God-sized dreams to fulfill. Maybe you need to be better at asking for help with your dreams or bouncing them off of other people you respect. I know that sometimes I have ideas and I don't like to share them because (in pride) I want to be the one who accomplishes them, OR (in fear) I never share them because I'm afraid of being laughed at or failing.
I'd like to hear what your big dreams are! Maybe they would inspire me to dream big too :)

Pastor Nick said...


Don't you think that doing what God calls us to do WILL be a big dream? I think I sell God short on the "normal" life he wants me to lead when maybe he has more in mind.

Don't buy into the idea that as a pastor I should have God-sized dreams while you, a lowly church go-er, should not. The "elevated" view of pastors in that sense is not a Biblical ideal. God may want you as a part of that kind of dream even more than me. What I think is really exciting is that in the Bible, God-sized dreams are rarely accomplished by an individual. So MY dreams and YOUR dreams are probably less significant than coming together to pursue God's vision for all of US.

Good thoughts!

alyssalorene said...


I meant to comment on this blog before now. When I read the blog, and more importantly, Britt's response, I was totally floored.

Britt, you said in your reply that you do "nothing out of the ordinary" and that there is nothing big about your life. Granted, I don't know you personally that well, but even so, I admire what you do as a mother/wife so much! I have seen you with your family, I have had the opportunity to get to know Ashley through youth group and I know how positively my mom speaks of you. If that's not above average, I don't know what is. And as far as time, laziness and feeling my short time as a mother, I just assume that's part of the game. There is hardly any extra time, and when there is...shouldn't you use it to be lazy? Ha ha.

I know (and this goes for Nick & family also), how much I've struggled with raising my one child, and he's only 19 mos. I can't imagine how you juggle three! I think that raising your kids to be productive, faith-filled, members of society is the greatest goal/dream that you could have. I just hate to hear anyone minimize the responsibility of raising kids, because I'd rather be succesful as a mother than succesful at any career or goal in my future! I am guessing that as your kids get older, you find yourself with more free time, (well, when you're not playing taxi). But I guess I'm saying that, maybe now is the time to listen and be open to God-size dreams.

I enjoy reading your responses to each other. And I do believe that, Nick, you officially now have THREE followers. Congratulations!

Pastor Nick said...


Welcome to the commentors pool! How I hope others will follow your brave example and jump in as well so that Britt can quit calling herself "the only one who ever responds."

Thanks for this very appropriate reminder. I know I can be guilty of looking around and saying, "What now God? What next?" when he might be directing me to look at what he has already given me in order to say, "This is your right now."

Anonymous said...

Hehe...yes,'s very nice to know that other people are reading and responding...then I don't feel like a cyber-stalker or anything :D Honestly, I only follow 7 blogs or so, and I comment on all of them each time someone has a new post, so you aren't THAT special ;-)

I hear what you are saying about the "mom" thing, and I agree that being a mom is a huge responsibility/gift, etc. I was talking more specifically about things outside of home/family life. I am easily bored. I am a "doer", so when I don't have much "to do" outside of this everyday life, I get frustrated. However, I'm certain that at this point in my life, I'm not really good to anyone. I'm posting a blog about it in a bit if you want to know what I mean.
Thanks for the kind words of encouragement!!