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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Get That Donkey

One of the tendencies we all have with the Bible, or any book really, is that we can read it so much we miss the really good stuff. Now, I am not encouraging us to read the Bible less. I am encouraging us to read slowly enough to stop and say, “Wow, that is not what I expected.”

One such example is in John 11. You may know the story well- as Jesus approaches Jerusalem for the final time, shortly before his crucifixion, he sends the disciples on a unique errand. They are to go and retrieve a donkey. Jesus will sit on this very donkey and ride into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. Okay, so Jesus and the people of Jerusalem didn’t know they were creating Palm Sunday, but they did.

I have always been shocked that Jesus rode a donkey. A great white stallion seems better. But this is in line with his birth in a manger, his death on a cross, and his life among common, ordinary people. So, in the end, the donkey itself isn’t that surprising. What I was struck by recently was the fact that he asked the disciples to go get the donkey.

I wonder what if felt like as they were untying this beast- a valuable possession to someone else. All they have been instructed to say is, “The Lord needs it and will return it when he is through.” This HAD to be an uncomfortable moment for the disciples involved. And yet, in simple obedience they do what is asked of them, and the King rides into town.

In so many ways, that is our call as Christ-followers. Throughout life, we will be asked to follow and obey in ways that to us don’t make a whole lot of sense. We may not even see the whole picture. But our primary job description is to do whatever it takes to the pave the way for the King to ride in. We are not the main event; we prepare the way for the One who’s coming is the Event.

How many times have I missed this because I want to be in the middle of it all? Today Jesus, I am trying to remember that you are the big deal. And I will go and fetch the donkey. Or serve my family. Or love the unlovable. Or give beyond my comfort. Or choose trust and faithfulness even when it isn’t fun. I will obey. But help me, please, because I am not always comfortable with fetching donkeys. I’d rather ride the stallion in the crowd. Teach me humility, so that You will always be the main event.

May your journey be one of simple obedience so the King can ride in-




Ronda said...

Loved this Nick. What great thoughts for all of us. Love you, Mom

Marcia said...

"I'm not always comfortable fetching donkeys." Love it! Thanks, Nick!