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Friday, February 15, 2008

Warm Up the Jetplane

Another two-week stretch of intensive class work here at Bethel Seminary is about over. I feel it would be appropriate at this time to look back on a couple of things that will stand out as significant reminders during this experience.

Life is best lived with faithful friends and companions. One of the best parts of my seminary experience continues to be the group of fellow students that comprise "cohort I." Bethel intentionally moves you through the program with the group you start with. My group of 7 guys from around the county, Iowa, Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and D. C., has become very important to me. We laugh together, encourage each other, and do life together. Every class experience is made even better when we interact over the subject matter.

Who are your friends and companions in this life? Lean into them. Treasure them. We need them more than we know, and it's only in their absence that we most realize their value.

Knowledge can either lead you to pride or humility. I am continually amazed by the number of scholars we learn from in our study in seminary who have incredible minds, lists of PhD's, and no heart for God. On the other hand, I am greatly encouraged by the professors at Bethel who have such incredible knowledge, and yet it has made them so humble before God. The more they know, the more awed they are by God's plan, His greatness, and His love. My hope is that as I learn, it will lead me to humility and increased wonder and awe of the Heavenly Father.

The weather in Washington is quite nice. I may get weary of the rain, but today in Minneapolis it is 8 below zero. It is supposed to be 48 in Kelso. Washington, here I come.

The presence and activity of God can be found almost anywhere. The process of sitting in biblical classes all day tends to gear your mind into the spiritual realm occurring around you. I am encouraged during this time to recognize God through out my day, in different place and times. In the story of a friend, the laugh of a daughter, the meditation of a professor, the routine of getting ready and preparing my mind and body, the work of physical exercise, the joy of silence, the hidden blessings of pain- God is in all of these and more, if our eyes are open and we are looking for Him.

Going home is a good thing. Being away from home makes you realize and appreciate how much you really have. I am glad for this experience, but even more grateful for the life I have waiting for me back home. God is a good God, and He has blessed me. How's your level of gratitude and appreciation for God?

May your journey be a wonderful friendship with God today,


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Anonymous said...

Welcome home. Hope you made it safe and sound. See you Sunday :)