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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Wrapping Up

Week 1 of class is in the books.

After having had an extensive look into the Gospels of the New Testament, I can honestly say that I am more proud of this book than ever before. I realize that the word "proud" might seem odd to use of Scriptures, but here's what I mean. The more we scrutinized, analyzed, and researched this book, the better it got. Rather than falling apart are not holding up under the microscope, the Word of God only began to shine brighter. What wonderful truth we have been given if we will take the time to sit underneath it and learn from Christ himself.

One item of note from yesterday was a thought about the resurrection from N.T. Wright. This author has become one of my favorites over the course of seminary, and he has written extensively on the resurrection; 700 pages kind of extensive. In this book of monstrous length, Wright examines all the literature available around the time of Jesus and within a few hundred years of his arrival on earth. What he found was shocking. No where, in vast amounts of historical data, could he find one shred of support for a positive opinion of resurrection. Meaning, before Jesus, the idea of resurrection was unheard of and grotesque. No one believed that resurrection in bodily form could have any value. And yet that's exactly what Jesus did. What this tells us is that the resurrection rings of truth. This incredible survey reveals that it would be ludicrous to think the disciples or early church made this up. The only way it makes any sense- is if it actually happened. And it did.

May you find life and joy in the resurrection on your journey today,

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