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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Should This Poem Go in the Book?

Hey all-

I have a favor to ask today. As many of you know, over 2+ years ago, I reached a real crisis point in my struggle with pornography. It was undermining everything I valued and destroying my marriage. On February 16, 2010, God met me in a unique way and began a process of healing in my life that continues to this day. At that time, I wrote a poem for my wife that expressed the emotions I was feeling, and communicated a vision of what needed to happen.

Here is that poem. What I would like to know is: should the poem go in the book? Is it "publishable"?
Please vote in the comments below! Thanks-

My Beauty and My Beast

One day my beauty and I went out
               And spread a blanket beneath the trees
Our minds were set upon one task
To spend the day in love’s blissful ease

My beauty laid her head upon my arm
               And rested in peaceful security there.
I gazed deeply into her loving eyes
               As I gently stroked her golden hair.

But our idyllic scene was broken by
               The sudden shaking of a bush so near
Bursting out from behind this leaf
               Came a beast to inspire great fear

My beauty cowered in my shadow
               Fearing the worst to come
But in bravado I comforted her,
               “Don’t worry, I know this one.”

For indeed, this lustful animal was mine,
               Who tracked with me day and night
“I can handle him, so be at peace
               There’s no reason for such fright.”

So over I went to reason
               With our uninvited guest
I conjured and cajoled with him
               Till he went away to rest.

I returned to my beauty’s side
               There in our peaceful glade
Unaware that on her chest
               A deep cut my beast had made

For time on end, this scene
               Predictably played over and over
Each time inflicting a deeper wound
               Near the heart of my true lover

But blind I was to the pain it caused
               Until at last she began to weep
“I’m perishing” she cried,
               “At the cruel hands of your beast.”

And there she wilted in my arms
               Alas her strength was spent
I cried out in anguish to the Heavens
               My own heart was finally rent.

And then the gracious One
               Who is wise beyond all measure
Came unseen and laid a sword
               Silently there upon the heather

I grasped it firm and strode
               To where my beast must again appear
And when he did I boldly cried,
               “Beast your end is near!”

How cunningly he softly sang
               That it didn’t have to be this way
Just let him be, he begged of me,
               And promised to stay at bay

But with one more glance at the wounds of my beauty
               I knew that I could delay no more
I plunged the sword deep into the heart of my beast
               And pierced him to the core.

In agony and screams of death,
               My beast crumpled at my feet
As at that moment a voice began to sing
               Gently, softly, perfectly and sweet

It was freedom’s song finally loosed
               From chains within my heart
I lifted up my voice in chorus,
               Singing, My God, how great thou art.

And back I turned to my beauty there,
               Still lying at death’s door
I held her tight and looked to Heaven
               Pleading for mercy once more.

Then in astonishment I watched the wounds
               Which had covered her gracious form
Begin to fade and disappear
               And her skin began to warm

Her eyes she opened in new found love
               Gazing up at me
“Is he gone?” she asked
               “Can we finally be free?”

“Forever, my beauty” I said to her
               “The battle at last is won.
You and I shall ever be
               Joyful dancers beneath a clear sun.”

One day my beauty and I went out
               And spread a blanket beneath the trees
And at last we knew that we were free
To spend the day in love’s blissful ease
 (NJS, February 18, 2010)


Wendy said...

Made me cry... but I am pregnant, so that might be a bad judge.

I vote yes...

Mommy Cherise said...

Made me cry, and I'm not pregnant! God really blessed you with some beautiful imagery with your struggle, conviction, and freedom. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful piece of work. I think it will only bless if it's shared further. :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, poignant and extremely relevant. Definitely publishable!

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! I hope you don't mind that I'm passing this on.

Pastor Nick said...

Sure- if it can encourage others, great! Just be kind enough to credit me. I'd hate to see Max Lucado tweet it for a million hits. :-)

Ellen Stumbo said...

I didn't know you were writing a book and were pursuing publication! Are you looking for "editing" feedback? As in looking at rhyming, structure, etc.? Or are you looking for "does a poem like this work to be included in a book?" As part of a book this works wonderfully as it is something you wrote back then. I am guessing you are writing a memoir? So in that case this really fits well, especially if you include any other journal entries. Personal, honest and raw pieces tend to bring "realness" to memoirs (in my opinion" so I say yes!

Anonymous said...

Blessed that you shared such an intimate poem....absolutely should be int he book.

Mary Hagle said...

The depth of the expression conveys so much. This brings clarity to the changes so observable in both of you. Praise God for His transforming Grace. Please DO share this in your book.

Bob Simmons said...

I think it conveys the struggle you were going through and your blindness to the struggle Michelle was going though. Also, being written in 2010 it conveys what you were thinking at the time in words you used at the time and therefore is helpful to the message you want to convey. So, yes it should be included.

Barbara Harris said...

Nick, YES this should go in your book. It is publishable and readable by many for it will touch many hearts at the core. Thank you for sharing God's work in your life. All praise to Him!

NTStudent said...

As I first was reading I thought "naw", but when I got to the end, I would like to see it included, if you have a place to fit it in, not just to have it because it is a good poem.

Jim said...


Does it fit with your story and intended audience?

Is the conclusion that the beast is dead truth or does it mean that now you and Michelle have a means of battling the beast together? In other words, does it fit the context of your message?

You are covered in our prayers and support you fully.

God Bless,


tonelaur said...

This definitely has a much happier ending than the story Lewis told in "The Great Divorce" about the man whose beast kept him from the bliss enjoyed by his bride. Plus yours rhymes! Thanks for taking the time to share this bro. I'm enjoying your blog - Tony

Danny Perez said...

Fantastic job capturing the nature of the beast!

Definitely a must in the book :)

Anonymous said...

I would keep it as something between you & your wife. It was written for her, but if she warns it in the book then it s definitely worth putting in.

Krist said...

I am reading you from the other side of the mountains, on the other coast of this USA. The struggle is real and the wounds are too real. Publish it.

It will be a monument the loving powerful work God does to restore and heal. If you and your beauty are truly healed, this is pure GOLD.