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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Bethel Experience- Day 1

My day started early. More accurately, my Sunday never ended! I landed here in Minneapolis at 5:40 AM, and the temperature was already at 85 degrees. A frined met me at the airport and we went out for a fresh cup of Caribou Coffee. (If you're ever in Minnesota, I highly recommend it!) Do you remember what I was saying yesterday about friends? This friend willingly got up at 5:00AM, drove to the airport, took me to the university, and then headed home so he could catch his car pool to work. He did this without a hint of resentment or the "you owe me" attitude so common in our culture today. He blessed me with his attitude and his servant's heart today.

My first class is on Global and Contextual Ministry. Our main focus is missions and God's activity around the world. Our professor is actually living in Jordan and has just flown over for our week together. He began class with some compelling stories of what is happening in Lebanon. He oversees two teams of people that are currently bedded down in the midst of the conflict there with bombs exploding just blocks away from them. If you would, be praying for Dennis and Brenda Heath and their teammates who are earnestly seeking God's will. The dangers are great if they stay, and equally great if they attempt to leave. Pray that God will have his hand in this tense and volitile area. I think ultimately, especially in a confusing situation like the Middle East, we are called to pray that God would make himself known and reveal His glory through all that happens. Pray that this conflict will somehow draw more people to his throne.

If you live in America, you are a blessed person. The world around us wrestles with so much that we never have to worry about. What responsibility does this give us? Are we not people who have been given much, and from whom much will be required? I pray that we all learn to use well all that God has given us, including our wealth and stability of a healthy nation. Throughout history, God blesses people not for their benefit, but so that they can turn around and be a blessing to someone else. Who could you bless today?

Journey on.

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