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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Bethel Experience- Day 2

What are we selling?

Day 2 of seminary has already been much better- I'm starting it with 8 hours of sleep!

Today in class we are discussing and debating what it means to reach people for Christ, especially in a culture different from our own. The emphasis so far is that too often we are guilty of trying to "sell" people Christianity, and they reject that because it doesn't fit their way of living. We have been called to "sell" people on the love, grace, and truth of Jesus Christ. Especially in America, following Christ has taken on a certain "church" look, and I think many of our friends and family members are rejecting Christ because they reject the image of church culture and American Christianity behind it. As you seek to be a light for Christ, consider hard whether you are calling people to Christ, or to a church culture that may or may not glorify Christ. People's greatest need has always been and always will be to know Jesus Christ. Yes- participating in a community of believers is essential to following after Christ, but this is not the first step. Let's help people find Jesus, and then from that perspective, encourage them to consider what it looks like for them to follow him. It's sad to think that millions of people in our own country are not following Christ because they have rejected Christianity, when if they only knew what it was all about, they'd turn their lives to him. I encourage you- be a person who's committed to preaching Christ, and not our own individual understanding of Christianity. I heard someone say once that the longer the word gets, the more confusing it becomes: Christianity, Christian, and Christ. Let's not be about Christianity. Let's be about Christ.

UPDATE: The missionary couple whom I asked you to pray for has made it safely to the northern part of Lebanon. They were definitely protected by God's power, as a gas station they were stuck at for awhile was bombed a few hours later, and a bridge they were headed to was bombed only minutes prior to their arrival. Had they differed their schedule by much in either direction and they may not have made it. Praise God for his protection!

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Anonymous said...

It has been good to read your blog, especially your perspective on the world situation. As we sit here in snug Kelso (or Bethel) we can easily lose sight of the very real and constant dangers others face routinely.

Do you think we need to change/upgrade/tweak our materials that teach how to share Christ, so that we are not too 'churchy'? Ann.