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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Bethel Experience- Day 5

Well, one week of class is now done and I get a weekend to recover before the next one. My wife and daughter arrived last night and are at my in-laws, so I am headed up to be with them for the next few days.

Today, I'll just leave a thought that has been on my heart lately. We learned a new song this past weekend that had the line, "Mountains bow down, all the oceans roar, to the Lord of hosts." I've climbed numerous high peaks in my life and each time, I am deeply impacted by their imposing heights, their sheer rock cliffs, and the astounding views from the top. From this perspective, mountains are incredibly powerful. I can tell you from first-hand experience that you feel small and insignificant on the slopes of one of these giants. Throughout the Bible, we read about creation, the mountains and the seas, worshipping the Creator. My thought has been that if the mountains of such incredible power and size bow before the Lord, who am I not to worship? If the heights of creation and the expanses of the ocean shout His praise, how much more should I? I have been given a voice, and a life, with which I can magnify and worship my Creator. To not worship would be a high form of arrogance.

May your life be lived as an act of worship to the Creator. It's the only way for His creation to live.

Journey on, fellow traveler.

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